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The exile or the lost roots

By Orianne Corman

Organisation: Françoise Lebrun

(A new method: family constellations according to Bert Hellinger)

Since ancient time, the man has travelled through the continents to find the adequate place to obtain the basic needs. Nowadays, we can see an accentuation in the migration phenomenon thanks to transport evolution and affordable ticket cost.

This facility to move, to travel, change country, culture, is not made without a kind of suffering, this suffering is going to be expressed in different ways, it could be expressed in psycho-emotional trouble or physical problems.

Lanzarote, an immigration island, full of opportunities, a land full of exiles from the entire world. Lots of the inhabitants there have had to leave their countries, their families, their roots, their cultures, because of political, economical or family reasons. We can now see that whatever the reason is for this collectivity to migrate, there exist in each exile a sort of mitigate bitter, loosing, abandon, betrayal feeling that co-inhabits with the chance, opportunity, possibility feelings.

Embittered feelings are commonly linked to the thought of having gone because there was no right place for the person in the origin country. This wish of returning to home land is alive in each one of them as a dream that motivates living each day. The mourning does not conclude because there is always hope of returning, what will have as a consequence, difficulties to compromise in a long term basis, indefinite working contracts, buying a property, or a love relationship. The initiatives get slowed down, the opportunities sabotaged, the new options avoid, because “you'll never know”, maybe return could be announced tomorrow and then, what can we do with all compromises?This can be lived conscious or unconsciously.

he attraction power of both countries, home and new(abroad one) become often pathological and symbolize in symptoms as cardiovascular, overweight, depression, and also skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, etc…)

In the framework of my professional activity as a qualified psycho- kinesiologist  and constellagist, I have a case of a patient of Spanish origin, 28 years old, born in Andalusia, who escaping from Franco's rule migrated with his parents to Belgium, for a new life. His mother never made the minimum effort to learn French correctly, what makes her dependant from her son, his father lives the constant nostalgia of the wish of returning, so he concentrates all his energy in financial investments in Spain, buying plots of land, houses, their son suffers several difficulties: 1- the compromise with his Belgian girl-friend (wedding is delayed year after year), 2- a kind of dyslexia, although he is fluent in French, he's unable to write it, what anyway has not stopped him of getting his graduation as a garden architect, 3- he cannot talk by phone.

After applying “Bert Hellinger family constellation” techniques of accompanying, we have made showed up the whole family mourning towards the country of origin, Spain.

Helping him to honour his origins, his roots, he could conclude “the mourning” towards his country of origin, he was then able to achieve his sentimental and professional compromises, as we could see, he can now easily talk on the telephone and the starting of a proper settlement with his girl-friend.

The systematic approaching of the “family constellations” created by Bert Hellinger, a former German missionary in Africa, is a truthful fascinating tool that allows the person to find the right place in the bosom of life as regards the origin family, or parents, or forefathers and the country the individual comes from. This technique can be achieved in individual or group sessions. The approaching in group is a richful learning experience because the participants representing the people linked to the client bring up the evidences of the problem. The job is to mend the broken links, search for strength of life in forefathers and conclude the mournings not finished. The client recovers dignity, life strength and can again lean on forefathers and then turn towards life, to future prospects, opportunities and offers in the welcoming country.

Finishing the mourning for the origins, the person re-integrates the roots richness, what allows that person to open to life. The results arise very quickly, by what we see our client more serene, open to anything, more compromised. Health can be improved in some cases, or the person finds in an easier way heal to physical and psychical problems.

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lanzarote español lanzarote
lanzarote español lanzarote
lanzarote español lanzarote