Reflexology is a holistic medicine.
It is a fascinating science and an extremely effective feet massage.
It is a science because it is founded on physiology and neurology.
It is an art because it depends a lot on the ability of the therapist and how this one puts in practice the acquired knowledge.
It is a holistic medicine, because it treats the individual's physically and mentally integrity, that means, according to the ability of the therapist, this will be able to associate the affected area to a kind of physical problem (accident, fall, bump, etc.) or emotional (fear, sadness, shame, etc.).

According to the confidence established between the therapist and the patient the cause of the problem will be found, sometimes returning old emotions from the past that were not solved then and need a solution.
According to the patient, improvement will appear from the second or third session and then improving until ending the problem forever.

Reflexology as a prevention

Reflexology, as re-equilibrating will keep the patient in optimal conditions, preventing us from the negative effects of daily life, but only the necessary for our personal growth. If a problem is detected that needs medical attention, the fact that has been detected will save time in the development of the disease, allowing the healing quicker and better.

My Tools

- My eagerness to help all human beings to live happy, free of diseases.
- An assiduous practice during years and a high experience with numerous cases.
- A high sensitivity in my fingers.
- An exhaustive and meticulous development of wide fundamental knowledge.
- A great capacity of concentration and abstraction in foot analysis.
- The healing power of my hands, received and developed thanks to Reiki and to assiduous practice of Yoga.

Other Tools

- Therapeutic, Relaxing or Energetic Massage, according to the needs of the case.
- Lymphatic Drainage, for when the lymphatic system needs to be decontaminated.
- Reiki, for when it is necessary to re-establish the flow of energy in the body.
- The knowledge and use of the medicinal plants.
- My fluent spoken languages, Spanish, French, English, Greek (modern).
- My availability on time.
- A wide, calm consultation, in a pleasant environment, without parking problems.

The Patient

With my reflections after the analysis, having found the cause of the problem, the patient will understand the fundamental importance of self cooperation and performance for own complete reestablishment.
The patient must feel prepared to make the decision of when to undertake treatment.


Reflexology re-equilibrates the different systems in our organism (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, hormonal) stimulating or relaxing in dependency what your body needs.

Reflexology has NO side effects. There are only a few notable advices in Reflexology, which are the following ones:
- Pressure on reflected point corresponding to heart in those people who have pace maker.
- Reflected Zone for hormonal system in pregnant women.
- While in the heat of digestion.
- In diabetics with insulin treatment, a glucose control is due after several sessions.

The time that a session takes for Reflexology and the number of sessions varies according to the patient.

Reflexology according to an ancient theory very extended would have started in China about five thousand years ago. But some very old documents and illustrations sample that it was already practiced in Egypt, Japan, Russia and India at the same time, so we do not know exactly when and where was it used for the first time. Time has improved the techniques of foot massage and has developed it to a more scientifically therapy. What is common to all epochs is that there exist zones and channels of energy that run through the human body forming reflected areas in feet, hands, ears and face.