Papagayo beach Cristal Clear waters at Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote Lanzarote Román Borges Lebrun design - The sun from Lanzarote
Sunset at Lanzarote In the evening we can enjoy the sunset and the colours of the nightlife starting
Dolphins Dolphins in Lanzarote, you will see then as you go on any boat trip a few miles from the coast, these are Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Stenella Frontalis

Video Lanzarote, Canary Islands

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Lanzarote Video

"Holiday Video" Lanzarote

Most tourists in the island of Lanzarote do this way

When any visitor gets to Lanzarote with the thought of relaxing and then sightseeing, as this isle has so much to offer, many times when going around we take valuable photos and some footage with our video camera, if the weather is good then we have a wonderful souvenir of Lanzarote to take back home, to do all this you don't need to be a "Spielberg", do you?. Some others plan their way through in a different way, they have sophisticated equipment, better quality ones, what in cases need a deeper knowledge of the machines and a special care when filming, to start they set their tripod, they focus for 15 minutes and they record, some a little while, some a lot. If we have the way to process the video clips at home and we know how to use it, there should not be any problem as we can cut, join, add, take off, change our video clips. It's enough to take lots of footages anywhere we go.

Hints for the amateur video maker

1º- Everyone should read carefully the instructions of use for that video-camera, at least once, and anyhow should take them into camera's bag on holiday. Obviously if you know the particulars of your video camera settings by heart, all this becomes unnecessary.

2º- You should take a battery charger with you and a spare battery, don't forget to put batteries on charge and have them ready-charged, sometimes we have to select what we shouldn't film because there's very little power left. That is a limitation for any film director.

3º- Take with you a fair number of tapes, be ready at all times, we all know that in little islands like Lanzarote, even when roads are well conditioned, it's annoying having to come back to places just to take a video clip again, on top of that Atlantic isles like Lanzarote have sudden weather changes from one day to the other, conditions change, maybe there's no sunshine when you go somewhere for the second time to take a footage. I work on a vessel, we go on maritime excursions, when dolphins and whales turn up, they stay close to us for a limited time, they are wild animals and they won't stay to wave at you until you are ready, there's no souvenir shop in the corner in the middle of the ocean when you need tapes or batteries, Same as when you are on top of a mountain enjoying the best view and you run out of power or tape.

4º- All images get into your video-camera through the lens, dirty lens means poor or horrible footage. Before starting, clean your lens with a special cloth or paper.

5º- Before pressing the REC button, think that your camera will record what you see inside the margins of the camera screen, make sure that what you want to see in your video is fitted widely into the screen when recording, bear in mind that your camera is in the up-right position, watch the horizon line.

6º- Once recording, don't touch the zoom button, don't follow a moving object like mad, make sure that the moving object has space enough to move from edge to edge into the screen of your camera, hold camera still, and let video clip develop by itself. Following an object and zooming at the time is most of the times "a disaster".

7º- Our camera has multiple digital effects, and they can add a special touch to our footage, but if you are not an expert that can resolve effect situations quick, don't touch the digital effects, that will delay your filming, or spoil it.

8º- If we cannot process all what we film at home, then it is convenient to plan our filming steps, more or less. So when you show the video to your people, they find it nice or comic.

Following all these simple steps, any neophyte can improve the quality of the video clips. No promises, some people find their way easily and some others need a little more time.

If even after all this, when you go on a boat to watch dolphins and whales, the results of your video are not making you happy, or you want something else, you can visit my web-page ( ) where you can see part of the dolphin and whale video made with the best footage of what I have recorded in the past 6 years, 2 DVD videos that cannot be catalogued as professional or amateur, the denomination I give for them is "Good handcraft DVD videos", as filming, designing, printing, burning and so on has been done by me at home with non professional equipment.

The first DVD video is titled "Holiday Video, Dolphins, Whales & Excursions", 20 minutes showing in international understanding the highlights of the islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, the excursions, the dolphins doing acrobatic jumps, catching fish, underwater, etc. A beautiful souvenir to take back home, or to give as a present to relatives and friends. The price for this DVD is 15 euros.

The second DVD video is titled "Delfin Amigo", it shows for 18 minutes the dolphins doing acrobatic jumps, catching fish, underwater, turtles, a hammer head shark, with this DVD video you are taking unique and singular footage of this beautiful, intelligent animals, it is also a fabulous present for relatives and friends, The price for this DVD is 15 euros.

lanzarote español lanzarote

Holiday Video


Delfin Amigo

Delfines, Ballenas y excursiones 20 Minutes   Price 15 euros


Delfín Amigo 18 Minutes  Price 15 euros
lanzarote español lanzarote

Buy now this DVD in the Holiday Video website, click


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